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Education (Concurrent B.Ed.)

Fast-track your career in education.


Learn about yourself as you prepare to teach the next generation of eager students.

We also offer a French language Bachelor of Education: Baccaulauréat en éducation en français (après diplôme).

Complete a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Physical and Health Education while taking courses to meet the requirements for entry into the Professional Year (5th year). Graduate a year ahead of the consecutive teaching programs.

Choose the stream offered, junior/intermediate (grades 4-10). Earn credits in specific subjects in order to teach at the intermediate and senior levels.

Student success is supported by an undergraduate advisor and director to assist with academic and education career counseling.

Gain hands-on experience through three undergraduate field-experience placements, and a “six-week Initial Placement” immediately after completing the undergraduate degree at the end of fourth-year. Placements could include schools and organizations such as Frontier College, YMCA, Better Beginnings Better Futures, Best Start Hubs, and Learning Disabilities Association of Sudbury.

Education programs at Laurentian University

Éléments clés

A graduation hat on a computer
One of the few Concurrent Education programs in Ontario to remain at five years in length
An educational institution
Apply new skills and knowledge in real-world experiences and with your professors.
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Complete just under 90 days of practicum which exceeds provincial requirements.

Perspectives de carrière

Public or private elementary or secondary school teacher, college instructor, museum educator, graduate studies, Rainbow School Board, Sudbury District Catholic School Board, as well as other school boards across Ontario and beyond including the Ministry of Education.

Simone Desjardins is smiling while outside

Simone Desjardins

If I had to use one word to describe my time at Laurentian it would be empowering. To me, there is no better sense of pride than working all night on a paper, only to get your marks back and seeing that all of your stress was worth it in the end. As a Concurrent Education student, there are many long nights of studying, lesson planning, and note taking - and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I enjoy so many things about being a Con-Ed student. My favourite thing would be the placements I got to be a part of during my years here. To be able to teach is such a blessing, and seeing the look on a student’s face when they finally understand a concept is truly life changing. These placements have been unique experiences that I was lucky enough to be a part of for each year of my program!

I would recommend the Concurrent Education program to anyone who has a passion for teaching, and for connecting with students. Many people don’t realize that a Bachelor of Education is not just for prospective teachers, there are dozens of different careers that a B.Ed would help you achieve. This program, I’m proud to say, has opened my eyes and made me a much better person. I can’t wait to begin my career!

Simone Desjardins is smiling while outside

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