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History (MA)

Interpret historical data and study how the past can affect the present.

Éléments clés

Choose to focus your studies in Northern Ontario, North American history (including Canadian history) or European history.
Use your knowledge to help people understand the importance of their own lives by weaving the stories of the past into the tapestry of the present.
Contribute to the moral understanding, the shaping of personal and community identity, and obtain many desirable skills to transfer to your chosen career.

Perspectives de carrière

Business, entrepreneurship, government, graduate studies, journalism, law, politics, teaching at primary or secondary schools or in college and universities, archivist, curator in museums and art galleries, librarian, community development worker, costumer and teacher of the history of clothing and textiles, financial planner, civil service, historical interpreter, counsellor, researcher, member of a historical board.

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