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Forensic Science

Apply scientific principles and procedures to the law as we reveal the fascinating world of forensic science.


Gain a solid scientific education and demonstrate how scientific data is generated, analyzed, and interpreted as well as learn to recognize the limitations of scientific testing in order to interpret scientific data in an unbiased fashion.

Develop an understanding of the ethical responsibilities of forensic scientists in the Canadian system of criminal justice.

Our formal educational partnerships with the Ontario Police College and the Canadian Police College expose our students to relevant crime scene investigation techniques. We also have an extensive curriculum on Forensic Jurisprudence built into all our forensic degrees.

New Crime Scene Course for All Interested Students!

We have created a new crime scene investigation course that is open to any university-level student.  Police officers who do this work are called forensic identification officers. In response to many requests, we have now added a course that students can take that to learn about this fascinating area.

Course Title: FOID 1006 - An Introduction to Scientific Inquiry and Crime Scene Investigation

NOTE: This is the only forensic identification course that is universally available. All the other courses in the program can only be taken by serving police officers, fire investigators or students in the Laurentian forensic science program.

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Performance Statistics – Standard Entrance/Exit Examination

Academic Year Number of Entering Students % Passed Entering Class Number of Graduating Students % Passed Graduating Class
2010 25 8 n/a n/a
2011 22 18 12 92
2012 39 15 10 100
2013 39 10 14 93
2014 44 5 10 80
2015 30 30 15 87
2016 30 20 22 91
2017 43 19 17 94
2018 35 17 28 93
2019 44 14 27 89
2020 42 26 21 95
2021     20 100
2023     20 90


Announcing: New Certificate in Environmental Solutions

The School of Natural Sciences is now offering a Certificate in Environmental Solutions. This certificate is available to students in all programs and equips students with the knowledge to address pressing environmental challenges. Explore the intersection of science and environmental advocacy through the certificate, choosing between courses in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, History, Law, and more.

View the certificate’s course list here (PDF)


Éléments clés

a lab vial with a substance in it
Learn from distinguished faculty who are active practitioners in their respective fields and are sought for consultations on forensic cases.
A lab ampoule with a substance in it
Benefit from a new state of the art forensic teaching laboratory and crime scene apartment.
A microscope
Practical labs include: DNA analysis, fingerprint enhancement and analysis, forensic entomology, forensic microclimatology, forensic botany, forensic soil analysis, forensic anthropology, forensic odontology, hair and fibre analysis, forensic serology, forensic chemistry, forensic toxicology, bloodstain pattern analysis, footwear impressions, firearms examination and ballistics, tool mark examination, as well as crime scene procedures and protocols

Perspectives de carrière

Forensic identification officer, forensic pathologist, forensic anthropologist, DNA scientist, police officer, forensic chemist, forensic odontologist, forensic psychologist, forensic scientist, laboratory technologist, forensic nursing, teacher, graduate studies, medicine, law.

Students interested in careers in forensic science should have a solid science background. Applicants for forensic science jobs are typically subjected to a criminal background check that is similar to that which law enforcement officers undergo as a condition of employment

Frédéric Rochon smiling while outside

Frédéric Rochon, Forensic Science

Welcoming, knowledgeable, and helpful - that's how I would describe Laurentian University's incredible teaching staff. It is my professors that provide me with the tools I need to succeed and the inspiration to do so. Of course, our beautiful campus and facilities, my favourites being the J.N. Desmarais Library and the Ben F. Avery Physical Education Centre, also contribute to the latter. As a bilingual student, I was able to personalize my academic path by taking classes both in English and in French. Accordingly, I plan to graduate with a solid scientific background and the ability to utilize my knowledge in both languages. I would also like to highlight the Work Study program, another great student opportunity. Working on campus has been an overwhelmingly positive experience, one that has provided me with a flexible schedule that is compatible with my scholastic commitments. Overall, I believe that Laurentian University is a truly vibrant, and tight-knit community, where educators, staff, and students foster an atmosphere of learning and conviviality.

Frédéric Rochon smiling while outside

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