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Commerce (online H.B.Com.)

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Le Grand Sudbury est la plus vaste ville en Ontario par superficie terrestre, où les activités de plein air ne manquent pas grâce aux lacs et cours d’eau, terrains variés, forêts et réseaux complets de pistes et de sentiers.
Méthode de livraison : En ligne
Langue du programme : Anglais

Admission to the online H.B.Com is available exclusively to CGA members and students that successfully completed the CGA Foundations Studies (levels 1 - 3) of the CGA Program of Professional Studies or a CGA deemed equivalent program of studies.


Application Process  

Applications for the online H.B.Com will be available through the Ontario University’s Application Centre (OUAC). Click on “Browse programs online”, select “By University”, “Laurentian University” and then select the Commerce (Online). Applicants can be admitted to the online H.B.Com with annual entry points in September, January and May.



Application deadlines

  >> The last intake or this program will be for September 2016.  Students need to have applied by June 30th 2016.


Note pour les étudiants actuels

Les options de grade ci-dessous seront offertes lors de la prochaine année universitaire et ne le sont pas cette année. Si vous cherchez les cours à suivre afin de compléter les options d'un programme d'une année universitaire antérieure, svp consultez avec un conseiller académique.

Program of Study

Students must follow these regulations in order to meet graduation requirements.

The Online H.B.Com is a 120 credit degree program. All courses are offered in a fully online format with a final examination written in-person at a location near your home.  Each course is delivered over a 13 week period and requires ongoing access to the online learning environment, participation and for most courses, group work.

The program of study consists of required and elective courses. All students are required to complete at a minimum, 30 credits of courses at Laurentian University in order to receive the H.B.Com degree.


Minimum Degree Requirements

COMM 2035: Marketing Management (6 credits)
COMM 2045: Organizational Behaviour (6 credits)
COMM 2055: Operations Management (6 credits)
COMM 4005: Strategic Management and Policy (6 credits)

COMM 4000 level electives (6 credits)


Advanced Standing

A maximum of 78 credits can be applied towards the online H.B.Com degree for courses completed in the CGA Program of Professional Studies. All applicants receive a minimum of 48 credits towards the Foundations (Levels 1 to 3) of the CGA Program of Professional Studies.  Additional advanced standing can be provided for Advanced (Level 4), AT1 and PACE career electives.  Up to 12 additional credits can also be provided for prior post-secondary studies.

In order to assist potential applicants in calculating the total number of credits that they would be required to complete in the online H.B.Com program, a worksheet  is available for download.  The worksheet is simple to use and should be helpful in generating your credit requirements should you select the online H.B.Com degree as your pathway to an accounting designation.  Do note that the worksheet is meant as a tool to assist in assessing credit requirements; the worksheet is not an official LU credit assessment document.

Please click here to download the worksheet

If you need further clarification on program requirements or have additional questions, do contact LUOnline@laurentian.ca to book an appointment with an advisor.


Accounting and Elective Courses

Elective options are being developed on an ongoing basis.  Courses in project management, human resource management, risk management, humanities, international marketing and investment management are currently available. 

Beginning September 2015, LU will be offering the CGA Advanced (Level 4) equivalent courses; providing students who were unable to complete all CGA Level 4 courses prior to September 1, 2015 with accounting courses needed to meet CPA PREP requirements while fast-tracking their degree completion.

The accounting courses will be available in a flexible format and delivered over three semesters annually.  In order to facilitate learning and student success, all courses will be offered in a 3-credit format (Auditing, Advanced Financial Accounting and Advanced Management Accounting) with the exception of tax which will be divided in two courses – personal taxation (3 credits) and corporate taxation (3 credits). 

Students that completed Advanced (Level 4) courses through the CGA Program of Professional Studies will be provided with advanced standing towards the equivalent courses.


Program Requirements

The program requires the satisfactory completion of 120 credits, including all COMM courses.

To graduate, a student must obtain a minimum grade a of 60% in each COMM course other than 3016/17.
 To be in good academic standing in the program, the student must:
• satisfy all conditions of admission;
• not receive a grade of less than 60% on more than two courses at the 3000 or 4000 level.

A student who fails to attain good academic standing may be allowed to continue in the program on probation for no more than one year or 30 consecutive credits. If, after one year, the student fails to attain good academic standing, he or she cannot continue in the program.

A student may take the same COMM course a maximum of two times.


FNCE-4007EL - Investment Management FNCE-4026EL - Portfolio Management FNCE-4027EL - International Finance
FNCE-4036EL - Risk Management in Organizations MGMT-4016EL - Entrepreneurship OPER-4016EL - Project Management