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Corrosion and Protection of Metals

This course covers the fundamental principles of electrochemistry, thermodynamics and Pourbaix diagram representation of phase equilibria, electrokinetics and polarisation curves, mechanisms of intergranular, pitting, stress, galvanic and crevice corrosion. Atmospheric corrosion at low and elevated temperatures, transport processes and rate laws will be examined along with protection techniques including corrosion inhibitors, anodic passivation, anodic and cathodic protective coatings, sacrificial anodes, applied e.m.f., paint, plastic, bituminous and glass coatings. Corrosion and oxidation resistant metals and alloys will be selected according to service environments, with particular reference to the metallurgical processing industries. PREREQ: ENGR 2026, CHMI 2526 and 2527. (lec 3, lab 1.5) cr 3. Lecture (3.00).

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