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Community Placements: Designated Populations

This course occurs in the third year of the program and consists of a series of two to three different placements for a total of 8 weeks (minimum of 30 hours per week, minimum of 2 weeks in any one placement). The objective is to enhance student's understanding of the health and social services system and the social determinants of health relating to childbearing women, babies and their families. Students are required to complete a minimum of 2 weeks in an NICU or paediatric setting where well and complicated infant care is provided. Other placements ought to be focused on the care of women or babies with particular needs based on their context eg. rural or remote communities, women's shelters, teens, particular cultural groups, incarcerated women/youth. PREREQ: MIDW 2004. COREQ: MIDW 3425. cr 6

Nursing & Allied Health Prof