Honours Thesis

This course provides qualified students with an opportunity to write an Honours thesis based on original research in an area related to their specialization or major(s) for which faculty supervision is available. Students undertake a literary and/or text-based research project comprised of a supervised essay of substantial depth designed to demonstrate a degree of expertise in the following areas pertaining to the discipline: sense of historical development; understanding forms of inquiry; depth and breadth of understanding in relation to issues and theories; and critical thinking and independence of thought. The course is strongly recommended for students considering graduate studies. Students are not permitted to obtain credit for more than one Honours thesis. PREREQ: A minimum overall GPA of 7 (75-79% or B+), completion of at least 84 university credits, and permission of the department. Students must normally submit their research proposal to the department chair by March 31 to register in the next academic year. (tut 3) cr 6.

University of Sudbury